• Anto Nella Curti

Kap Virtual Session

Energy transmission, by its very nature, transcends time and space.

Over the last month, I have been transmitting the KAP energy to people who participated for the 1st time to KAP and with powerful results to my KAP virtual session. For the people who had KAP session before, they also experienced distance Kap to be effective.

KAP is a Kundalini Activation Process and transmission of Life Force Energy. It is a process of surrender and you will receive the transmission in the comfort of your own place.

The energy transmitted has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in the moment. Specially now more than ever, you may need to keep your frequencies high and by awakening your kundalini, you will get the ultimate tool for your self improvement, allowing long term positive changes.

KAP has a direct effect on your nervous system which has a direct link to the immune system, upgrading both and strengthening your entire system overall.

If you are new to KAP and want to experience a virtual session, please note that 70 % may experience something. Some people is more or less sensitive to this energy, it is just a matter of time, some people need more time than others.

I am organizing group virtual session every week. You can also contact me for a private online session.

Demo - KAP private session for a couple ❤

Feeling so grateful to activate them as they never had Kap session before.

with Love


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