"It is not about changing anything at all, It is about becoming more of who you really are and always were ...."

What is KAP ?

What is KAP ? 


KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process. 

Founded by Venant Wong, who through touch could activate a person's energy system. He also could pass on this ability to others. He has selected certain students who he has trained and asked them to facilitate this work. I am one of those students. 

KAP is a direct energy transmission that activates the Kundalini awakening process.

KAP, or the Kundalini Activation Process, is a natural transmission process, and not a self-willed or self-generating process. This is the path of surrender, not the path of will. It is different to other self-generating willful practices or kundalini experiences (such as Tantra, Chi Gong or Kundalini Yoga in Hong Kong).


This energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs at that very moment in time.

What happens during a KAP class?

During a Kundalini Activation Process class, you will first lie down on a mat, close your eyes and relax your whole body. Some music will then be played, and the facilitator may touch or press your chakras or meridian points.Surrender to the process without expectations. Whatever arises, let it arise and be expressed. 

Some of the types of experiences that might occur during class:

Energetic :laying still, but feel energy running through your body;


Visual : activation of your third eye, seeing lights or images, going on astral journeys, visions…;


Emotional : anger, sadness, fear, laughter, joy... do not suppress this, feel it and it will be released. You might want to scream, cry or laugh, all emotional release is welcomed;


Kinaesthetic : body movements, stretches, yoga poses, shaking, mudras... pay attention to where you are feeling it and how your body wants to move without letting your mind interfere ;


Bliss states

You can also experience the non duality.

Non duality is the human experience of oneness with all things; a sense of connection and identification with the entire universe. It is intimacy with everything. In this experience, the sense of being a witness or seer of things vanishes completely, and instead you feel yourself to be whatever thing you are beholding. You don’t see the mountain, you are the mountain. You don’t listen to a bird, you are the bird song. Awareness is no longer split into a experiencer and the thing that is experienced, there is just pure experience with no division. This experience of connection is the essence of non duality. 

It is possible that 10%-20% might not feel anything in the session. But even they still report life changing experiences in their everyday life. 

Everyone is more or less sensitive to this energy, It is just a matter of time, some people need more time than others. The more KAP you do, the deep it goes, each session is different. 

What can you expect after a KAP session?

- Feeling calm, peaceful, happy, free, alive. You may also feel more grounded, and willing to change some habits. 

- Greater healing and relaxation in the physical body.

- Focusing on the « big picture », not the little things. Improved creativity and productivity. 

- Growing awareness, sensory experiences. Clarity.

- Alignment of your heart and your higher self, so that following one's path becomes clear and effortless. 

- Greater connection and appreciation in your relationships