Great session with Antonella, it was my first kap, discovered it by "hazard" on YouTube and got so excited to try it out. I now understand why! During the session I've been having wonderful moves, yoga poses (I've done one yoga class in my whole life) that my soul and body knew perfectly. It's been 2 days since the first session, what has changed is that my "mind" is now conversing openly with my soul. Both look like they decided to get along 😂 of course my soul is now in command. I was also able to reactivate the kundalini by meditation, and got a really weird unexpected awakening in my bath. This was a surprise, but I managed. I can't wait for the next session! Thank you Antonella and thank you universe!

It was a really amazing experience. Relaxing, I felt the energy coming inside, from my crown and then going both ways. I was dancing and aligning chakras / energy like if I had already done this in the past, which was not the case of course! more surprising is that a day after, I was even able to reactivate alone the kundalini through meditation. I feel better than ever, peaceful and grateful for this. Of course, I have already planned to participate to next virtual KAP session. Thank you Antonella!

Nadja Cobos Bellido

KAP virtual session 

KAP private online session 


I had two sessions - the first was a group activation and the second a one-to-one virtually. What i experienced was impressive, my whole body took control and i could release a lot of blockage that where hidden deep inside me. I feel very light and blissed now. Directly after the session i had both times a glow from inside and a peace that is incredible. After the two sessions - i see clear visions during meditation and i am much closer to myself and to my beloved ones even distance and space is between us. I am so grateful and so happy about the experience that i could still can enjoy , even the fact that i had a lot of respect about it before. I will for sure do another session and i hope that in the near future i can do it in person with Antonella. Thank you my love ❤️for this magic. Remember always - the magic is in YOU and you can unlock it with the Kundalini energy transmission. ❤️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏💖

#Repost @inwardholistic
Kundalini Activation Process
via zoom
with @kap_facilitator_antonella
I wanted to film myself so those interested in the process will have an idea how it worked on me. It’s a powerful technique which everyone experiences differently. I’ve tried almost every energy technique out there. This is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and can’t be compared to anything. I know energy well being a healer. I want to learn this technique .
I’ve had KAP done in person before, so this was my second time having it done on me, but first time via zoom and it was just as powerful as in person.
This time around I felt high just like the first time (which lasted for 7 days). Although this time I felt like I was having an orgasm in my third eye and all I wanted to do was dance 🏻 lol.
During activating your kundalini energy with a facilitator, many things can happen. The energy will go where it needs to. Every single time you have this done it will be a different experience. Amazing music is always played during the sessions and it kind of feels like being at a rave and being high but with zero drugs (or so I’m guessing as I’ve never been high or at a rave, lol), just pure energy .
There are a few facilitators offering KAP via zoom just search #kundaliniactivationprocess and you can find them.


Think of feeling your body get sparkles of energy moving all around, first like a circulation tickling smoothly and then boosting the whole system with pure source vibration. It is an activator of your own power of life. I recommend mostly coming from Antonella who has this beautiful approach with angel qualities, great technique and what’s most important, a true heart to share.

Nouvelle expérience pour moi faite le 3Mai.
J ai ressenti une très belle activation d énergie dans mon corps.
Une vision de mes belles couleurs de mes Chakras.
Apres cette séance, je me suis sentie relaxée et lucide.
Je remercie grandement mon Amie Antonella. 💜 Pour son professionnalisme 🙏
Prête pour une autre session.et vous conseille à tous d en faire une.
Love 💕💚💜♥️💙💓

Isabelle Stachula 



Une expérience inouïe, des sensations au delà de mes attentes. Ressentir réellement l’énergie circuler en soi malgré notre volonté...incroyable !sens développés en accord avec notre SOI véritable, comme une renaissance.. vision plus lucide de tous ce qui nous entoure...une expérience à renouveler ! Merci pour ce moment inoubliable qui m’a mis en conscience sur mon chemin de vie...l’activation des chakras est beaucoup plus concrète ! Merci!!

I don't really know where to start to explain this incredible transformational experience I had this morning!

First of all, I want to say to all of those who don't feel it the first times, keep going! don't give up! I have been doing several sessions before - may be 7 or 8 ! - without having much sensations or feelings..but this morning wow!

I can say I had a transcendantal experience! Accessing deep part of myself... I felt my Heart literally exploding of unconditional love, so much love I couldn't hold I needed to cry...crying of love..It was sooo beautiful.. It started first by a deep feeling of bliss and peace, like if I was bathed in a relaxing light, soft and gentle, before to access such pure loving energy! My upper body was moving, my neck and chest weaving, I felt an energy circulating and flowing within from my Heart and direct from Source filling my body of pure love. It was like a cosmic energetic orgasm.. I remember a similar experience during my 1st Aya ceremony and other medicine plants, and also with breathwork.. A connection to source, so pure that you only can laugh and cry of joy and love...

For me it has been a big relief, like an ancestral emotional release, something has been lifted from my chest and shoulders...

I can't recommend Anto Nella Curti highly enough! I feel so blessed to have had this experience through her loving facilitation. <3 THANK YOU ANGEL for your loving heart 

Having met Antonella in Ibiza at her yoga retreat last year she was the perfect person to take me through my first KAP session
She’s a wonderful teacher ❤️

I was a little worried beforehand I might not feel anything BUT
OMG the music started and immediately I could feel the vibration running through me it was fantastic ... an hour of bliss
I cried I laughed I saw colours, lights and visions ..music running through your body !
it’s very difficult to explain an energy so pure to anyone who hasn’t experienced it before but it’s definitely special and Antonella is the perfect host
Try it
Live it
Love it
Namaste 🙏🐍

I have experienced kundalini activation with Anto Nella Curti yesterday .

It was a very soothing process, i felt very peacefull and energized.

It also allowed me to release blocked emotions and get more clarity about my own behaviour and attitude - since you can only change things you are aware of , it is very helpfull .

I recomand to everyone that seek tools to get closer to their true self .

Antonella is a very passionated woman wich love and light will make you feel safe in the process ♡

Thank you 🙏

The most powerful experience. I had a KAP session with Antonella remotely, her in Ibiza and me in Paris. From the very first minutes, you start feeling this beautiful energy running from your head to toes. Your mind keeps control, but your body now decide. For one hour, your body moves just as it wants to and you feel so good. Emotional release, yoga postures I didn’t know I was even able to do... it was all so beautiful. In the end, a body full of energy, clear mind, more sensitivity to the universe around and nature. You feel more true to your mind and ideas. I highly recommend and would definitely do it again with Antonella, the kindest and greatest you can trust 💕💖🙏🏼✨

What an aMaZiNG experience!
recomandation for everyone to try! its undescribeble and incredible.
body starts moving after seconds. you release old blockages, you learn how to trust your body and flow with it, even my spine felt as if it was getting straight. so much benefits. thank you so much Antonella for your love and amazing work.

What a amazing experience I had with Antonella. She is incredible. First in the group and then the 1:1 with her. It changed my life completely, it was like the last piece of my puzzle that she gave me! I highly recommend her and her amazing work! You will love her and her work :)
It is so much more then what you think, it goes so deep and shift so many things in your body and energy! It is a deep experience from deep within. <3 Thank you Antonella see you soon!