I have done various spiritual practices for years, as a yoga teacher and founder of Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat. I have tried many practices such as kundalini yoga, reiki, rebirthing, etc. I never had a real “awakening” until I tried KAP.

I had my first Kundalini Activation Process with the master @venantwong in August last year.
I found out immediately after the 1st session that I wanted to become a Kundalini Activation Process facilitator.


In the following months I had the chance to attend more sessions with the beautiful Ilze Skestere in Ibiza. Then I applied to the facilitator training. And I am so grateful that I have been chosen to attend the training that changed my life, in Tulum last winter!


And came my life-changing:


My meditation sessions became more and more powerful. Kap was feeding my soul. The expansion of my horizons, my spiritual purpose and my sacred responsibilities were taking place. The divine potential within me was awakening at a higher turn of the creative spiral of consciousness.
My will to transmit this grace to other people was also definitely there. I keep my inner connection to Spirit as the highest priority.
My life is an omen of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. My being is ready now to share this gift with you.

With love